Are you a seasoned time traveler? Even if the answer is no, it’s time to put on your space travelin’ shoes and get to the Space Portal AKA (Yavapai Geology Museum).


Travel in time, millions of years into the primadoral past as you walk the “Trail of Time” at the Grand Canyon. Tracing along the cliff hanging edges of the south rim, you will begin at the Yavapai Geology Museum, ending 2.8 miles later at present day (Verkamp’s Visitor Center).


The trail was designed to scale the age of the earth, as you will walk one step for every magaannum year. That word means a million years. It’s a long time, so don’t worry about the fact that you probably haven’t ever heard that word before.


Retrospectively, you can reverse the journey, starting in the present day (Visitor Center) and venture backwards in time to the oozing depths of primal earth (Yavapai Geology Museum).

Either way you choose to walk the 4,560 steps down the Trail of Time, you will encounter some of the best vistas in the Grand Canyon. Plus, you might learn a little something about earth’s geological timeline, if indeed you are a time traveler.


Rock exhibits are featured at every magaannum (there’s that word again). Bronze stamped markers will identify your location in time as you journey, connecting the formation of the Grand Canyon respectively to that time period. We wouldn’t want you to get confused and lost in space.


In light of the brilliant scientists who founded and designed this trail, Dr. Karl Karlstrom and Dr. Michael Williams, we are all a little bit smarter than we were before, right?

Here are some of our favorite Grand Canyon fun facts:

  • Earth’s oldest rock is actually a 4.56 Billion year old meteorite
  • Elves Chasm Gneiss is the oldest rock in the Grand Canyon (1,840 million years old)
  • The entire state of Vermont can fit inside the Grand Canyon
  • Layers containing dinosaur fossils have been removed due to erosion
  • Nomadic hunters lived in the Grand Canyon 10,000 years ago
  • The Grand Canyon was once home to a giant mammal called the Shasta Sloth
  • The Colorado River erodes the canyon by the thickness of a piece of paper, yearly
  • The Grand Canyon used to be a tropical primadoral sea
  • How do scientists know how old a rock is?

“Scientists count the atoms produced by radioactive decay.”

I knew that!


Last of all, this is Rocky. He was our tour guide (and space commander) for our journey down the trail of time. Apparently, the time traveling adventure made him quite famished. Cleverly hiding in a bush from the crowds at the South Rim, he ravenously eats pink flowers.

Want to hike a trail at the Grand Canyon, much less traveled (but equally as amazing) as the Bright Angel Trail? Check out this article!

Grand View Trailhead & Lost Copper Mines in the Grand Canyon


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