This is an urgent matter! If you care about your experience in this world, reading this article might just change your entire life.

Thoughts are Powerful

Do you believe your thoughts create the world that you live in?

This isn’t an article about positive thinking. Sure, thinking positive is always great. However, this article focuses on the power of your thoughts. It’s about the kind of thoughts that you allow your mind to entertain.

Our thoughts are extremely powerful. We create with our mind. The littlest or biggest thought, all project out into the universe. It’s the power of Kotama, the spoken word. There is no difference between speaking our thoughts out loud or speaking them in our head. It’s all the same when it comes to the power of every thought, big or small.

A quote by a famous author in the book Illusions by Richard Bach, says:

“Be careful what you wish for, because you just might get it!”

Thoughts Manifest Our Reality

Our deepest wishes are no different than thoughts. It could be a massive life-changing wish or just a small wish that you think during your day. Again, there is no separation between big or small wishes. Every thought in our mind, positive or negative, is immediately projected out into the universe.

To put it bluntly, thoughts are like vibrations. Given some time, will vibrate into REALITY. Be extra careful with your thoughts. Start to become really conscious of the specific things that you are thinking. Like a detective, investigate your thoughts. Hold yourself accountable every moment. You will probably be surprised how many random passing thoughts (big or small) are silently creating every aspect of your life.

Furthermore, as soon as you think any wish- it will fly out into the universe and start manifesting. Have you ever wished harm upon someone because they hurt you in some way? Of course you did, all of us have done it at some point or another. Have you ever wished that someone would love you but equally cancelled out the power of that wish by thinking that you are not worthy of their love? To put things in perspective, I think you are starting to see the separation between positive thinking and the power of our thoughts. There is a massive differentiation.

Your thoughts and wishes both create your reality. We don’t see the connection because the effects of our thoughts are not immediate. That’s not the way the universe works. Your thoughts and wishes take time to manifest.

thoughts create reality

The Consequences

You can do some serious damage to your own life with the power of your thoughts. You can ruin your career opportunities, ruin your relationship and even ruin friendships with the power of your thoughts. Alternatively, we can also create the best career, relationship, and friendships with the power of our thoughts.

When you think shit- you get shit. Here’s an example: When you think you are qualified to get that promotion at work, almost magically, you get that promotion at work. When you think you will never be able to stand up to the responsibilities that job promotion would entail, you are passed over and someone else gets the position. With this example, it remains apparent that the person didn’t get the promotion because their mind was conflicted. They wanted the promotion but contradicted the possibility with the belief they couldn’t handle the responsibility the position would demand. The specific thoughts they were thinking projected out into the universe and created their reality. Once again, this isn’t about thinking positive. It emphasises the absolute realization that every thought that we have in our mind WILL project out into the universe and WILL manifest into reality.

Be ever so careful with your thoughts.

We go through life thinking that we are not responsible for our thoughts. Here’s a wake up call: you are responsible for the outcome of every single thought. You are also responsible for the life that you have created for yourself. If your relationship sucks, well, that’s because your thoughts created the reality of an unfulfilling relationship. Those of you who dislike your job, well, that’s because your mental projections put you into this undesirable position. If your family bonds or friendships have been severed and broken, well, it’s a direct result of the manifestation of your thinking mind.

Everything that seems to “happen” to you is exactly as you wished it to be on some level.

You WISHED for exactly the existence that you have right now. This is so important for you to understand. You THOUGHT into existence the current reality of your life. NO DETAIL WAS LEFT OUT THAT YOU ASKED FOR!

So, if you think shit- you get shit. If you think peace- you get peace. If you think contradictions, which most of us do, then you get confusion and chaos. That’s what we do most often. Commonly, we contradict with fear- it’s the fear that does it. We have an intention but then we continually doubt it, doubt it, doubt it. We create the doubt and we create the chaos by our conflicting thoughts. It cancels everything out. We can’t think we want something, then think that we can’t get it and somehow magically expect for it to show up in our life.

Just focus your mind on what you want and stop throwing yourself under the bus.

Taking “Present” Action

This article isn’t “nice” spiritual talk. It’s uncomfortable to face the fact that all the shit in our life- we created it. We put it there. We manifested it into reality by our own volition. It’s time to start taking responsibility for what we are thinking, because our thoughts are hurting us. It’s important for us to take control and start straightening out our mental projections. Control your thoughts, they are creating your experience. Stop the doubts, stop the confliction.

Present action is called grace. With grace you can stop the destruction of our mental projections by becoming extremely present. When we are present, we are supremely aware of our thoughts. When we are not present, our mind is only creating chaos.

Coming into mental alignment is nothing more than coming into peace. There are only two choices in life…we can think war or we can think peace. You always have a choice. Choose peace and it will never mislead you. When you are coming from a place of peace, it will start manifesting the life of your dreams! You can begin to manifest the most fulfilling life you could ever imagine, right now in this instant, with the power of your thoughts.

What are you waiting for?

The Course In Miracles is a wonderful resource to discovering some profound, but simple lessons to change our life, permanently.

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