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Theta Wave 6 Hz Binaural Beats

During this healing music session, you will be listening to a {6 Hz} Binaural Beat created by the powerful carrier frequency of the Sun 126.22 Hz. This composition incorporates the synchronicity of 528 Hz pure tone (non-binaural beat) to enhance the harmonizing and peaceful effects of the music.

Meditating while listening to 6 Hz Binaural Beats is a practice that has a lot of benefits for your overall meditation process. Theta brainwaves at 6 Hz change your brain activity and allow you to reach certain meditative states faster. This is done by lowering brain wave activity and is extremely useful for those who often struggle with wandering thoughts and a restless mind while meditating.

Do you need to use headphones in order for Binaural Beats to be effective?

“Yes! Our brain creates the binaural beat to bridge the gap between the offset of frequencies, so listening with headphones is absolutely imperative for maximum benefit.”

Theta Brainwaves

Listening to theta binaural beats will help your brain produce lower frequency theta waves. This will make you more prone to entering a meditative state. Meditation provides many benefits like easing the mind, the body, and clarifying our thoughts. It can help you silence your negative ideas, or at least help you stop judging them. Theta binaural beats will guide your mind towards more positive thoughts and will make it easier to reach a “trance meditative state.”

528 Hz Healing Benefits

Most importantly, the 528 Hz Solfeggio Frequency tone activates your imagination, intention and intuition to operate for your highest and best purpose. In fact, 528 Hz has earned a reputation for its ability to reach and repair the very biological building blocks of our being, namely our cells and DNA.

Dr. Leonard Horowitz has been crucial in spreading the word on this “miracle” tone, but its use is much older than that. 528 Hz has been used by biochemists to repair human DNA. The frequency of 528 Hz appears to influence the water molecules that surround the DNA helix, thereby bringing about healing effects on DNA.

According to Dr. Horowitz, all healing occurs from sonic waves or vibrations resonating throughout the Universe. He claims that human cells use DNA, like radios use antennae, to receive the note vibrations and attune the body’s rhythm to that of the cosmos. He refers to the 528 Hz Solfeggio note as “the frequency of love” which, in addition to providing health benefits, opens the portals to spiritual transformation and awakening.

Cosmic Octave “OM”

126.22 Hz Healing Frequency

528 Hz resonates at the heart of the Sun (recorded by NASA scientists). Sunbeams, the rainbow, flowers, grass and even the buzzing of bees vibrates at 528 Hz. Nature in balance vibrates at 528 Hz. It is the frequency of life itself. The synergy of 528 Hz and 126.22 Hz coincide beautifully in this composition. Here’s why…

The Frequency of the Sun

Tone:      126.22 Hz = B
                a1 = 449.9 Hz / 440 Hz + 38.1 cent)
Color:    Yellow-green
Chakra:  Manipura – Solar Plexus (Hara)
Effect:  advances the feeling of centering and of the transcendental 

The frequency of the sun {126.22 Hz} is the tone of the 20th century. The tone of the sun is the border between Yin and Yang, between this side and the other side. It rises out of a higher dimension and depriving itself of rational observation it stands for the magical and the transcendental.

“Meditation carried out to this tone will lead to a state beyond good and bad, shame and guilt, beyond space and time, knowledge and wisdom, action and rest and being and non-being. It leads to a state where being has no name, to a state where the all-one and the all encompassing are no longer separate entities but are reunited at their one common origin, the origin that is also you.”

 Fritz Dobretzberger -The Cosmic Octave 2015

Brainwave Entrainment

Brainwaves are divided into five categories:

Brainwave Entrainment Music Binaural Beats | Pachamama Yoga Podcast
Benefits / Effects
Delta waves0.5 – 4 Hz
Deep sleep, natural healing of the
physical body
Theta waves4 – 7.5 Hz
Lucid dream, light sleep, deep
Alpha waves7.5 – 14 Hz
Coordination, focus, concentration,
light meditation, deep relaxation,
Beta waves14 – 40 Hz
Exciting, active, vigilant, logical,
critical thinking, focus
Gamma waves40 – 100 Hz
Spiritual experience, universal love,
expansion of consciousness

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