Fallen Leaf Lake is beyond the shadow of a doubt, one of Lake Tahoe’s lesser known secrets. Off the beaten path, if you can stomach the alpine one-lane road that features two-way traffic with no guardrails, you will discover a true gem.


Located on the southwest side of Lake Tahoe, just past Camp Richardson, you will turn onto Fallen Leaf Road. Pass the campground, and proceed down a pothole-ridden road, until a fork where you bare off to the right towards the sign that says Fallen Leaf Lake. There is a sign that says “not a through road” but continue onward. Drive slow and pull over (if possible) for oncoming traffic to pass. Follow the one lane road until you reach the Fallen Leaf Lake Marina parking lot, on your right.


The marina offers a very limited amount of parking, but it’s a great launch spot for your SUP. You will find a variety of rental options offered at the marina, from motorized boats, pontoons, to non-motorized vessels such as kayaks and paddleboards. Conveniently, you will also find public restrooms, small convenient store, and marina rental shop down at the waterfront.

Sup-ing on fallen leaf lake is an experience to behold.

Truly alpine, Fallen Leaf Lake is steeply surrounded by forested mountains. Often in the morning the lake is like glass, reflecting the hirsute peaks looming above. Afternoon can occasionally be breezy, as wind kicks up through the mountain passes. My favorite time is at sunset, with the sun low in the sky, shimmering like thousands of sparkling diamonds over the face of the sapphire water.


Experienced SUP’ers can do the lakeshore loop around the entirety of Fallen Leaf Lake. The lake is relatively small, but once you are out on the water, it’s actually a lot bigger than it seems. A second option, if the lakeshore loop is too much, paddle over to the north shore of the lake. There are far fewer houses on this side, along with less motorized boat traffic, providing a more peaceful experience to your ride.


After your amazing SUP ride, be sure to check out upper and lower Cascade Falls while you are there! Just a few minutes drive up past the marina, you will see signage for the waterfall.

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