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Essentials of Yoga

Expand your knowledge and understanding of yogic practice & philosophy

What Is A Yoga Guru? Pachamama Yoga ⋆ Online Yoga Teacher Training

A Yoga Guru is free from egotism. They devotedly lead their Sisya (student) towards the ultimate goal without any attraction for fame or gain. They show the path of God and watch the progress of their disciple, guiding them along that path. They inspire confidence, devotion, discipline, deep understanding and illumination through love.

Pranayama and Yoga Bandhas ⋆ The Importance of Proper Practice

When prana is made to flow in the yogi's body by the practice of pranayama, it is equally necessary for them to employ bandhas to prevent the dissipation of energy and to carry it to the right quarters without causing damage elsewhere. Without the bandhas, prana is lethal.

How To Do Pranayama Correctly ⋆ Best Practices for Yogic Breathing

The best time for pranayama practice is in the early morning (preferably before sunrise) and after sunset. According to the Hatha Yoga Pradipika, pranayama should be practiced four times a day, in the early morning, noon, evening and midnight, with 8o cycles at a time.

What Are Yoga Bandhas? ⋆ The Triple Lock ~ Supreme Maha Bandha

The Sanskrit word ‘Bandha’ means to lock, bind or tighten. Bandha is therefore an action; a method of redirecting and guiding energy through the body. It is useful to think of the bandhas as valves rather than locks, ensuring the flow of energy is directed in the right way.

What is Yoga? ⋆ Heads Up. It’s got nothing to do with tight Yoga Pants!

In the Bhagavad Gita, which is the most important authority on Yoga philosophy, Sri Krishna explains to Arjuna the mean­ing of Yoga as a deliverance from contact with pain and sorrow.

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