So surreal, so unreal. The majesty in the desert. The work of a saint, someone who dedicated their entire life to love.

Love. What is love? The timelessness that surrounds us? The air we breathe, the wind blowing in the trees, the feeling we get when we are not alone.

Love. Salvation Mountain is a tribute to love. A reminder of who we are at our deepest source. Love.  A transcendence of our flight as human beings, our flight into the unknown.

To share love is to know love. To see it in its finest, truest form. For this is Salvation Mountain.

Regardless of religious beliefs, aside from spiritualism, Salvation Mountain is a testament to remind us to live our lives connected to the source. Love.

In the middle of a wasteland, you might say, outside the dry lake bed of the Saltan Sea, rises a hill in the nothingness that surrounds it. Towering high above Salvation Mountain, stands a humble wooden cross. Perhaps symbolic of the cross we all bear. A cross for you.  A cross for me. To remember our sacrifices, in the name of love. It stands to behold, with the clouds as our witness, how we show our love.

Walk amongst the bright colors of salvation. See in its depths what our soul is made of. In this Alice-In-Wonderland-esque place, maybe you see life in a different perspective. Perhaps it brings you closer to the truth, beyond the mundane nature of our everyday lives.

God is love. We are love. Thank you Salvation Mountain and all who contribute, to the everlasting nature of your existence. Salvation you may find, in whatever colour you like…

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Micah Lyn is a Holistic Healthcare Practitioner HHP, Intuitive Healer and E-RYT 500 Certified Yoga Teacher registered with Yoga Alliance and KRI. She offers a variety of private yoga classes in Sedona AZ, yoga therapy and intuitive healing services at Pachamama Yoga ✨ Sedona Healing Center. Visit the YTT Programs & Workshops page to see upcoming Online & Hands-on Intensive Yoga Teacher Training, Virtual Online Yoga Workshops & Transformational Yoga Retreats featured worldwide.


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I am an infinite being, incarnated here to assist planet Earth's spiritual ascension. I am LOVE. I am a gypsy soul. I am an artist, yogini guru, intuitive healer & binaural beat music producer. Founder of the Los Angeles Healing Center, Pachamama Yoga Studio, Transcendental Beats Music & Sacred Art Studio, on the pursuit of raising the vibrations of this planet. I love to connect with people, myself, the Universe, nature, animals and YOU. My spiritual journey began when I decided not to live as a prisoner of negative thoughts and emotions, and turned my life around. I became more aware of my own energy and how I could raise it and use it to create and manifest. Through the teaching of spiritual masters and meditation I changed my thought and behavioral patterns, and started living a more positive and happy life. Now, I live the life of my dreams.