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LA Private Yoga Classes

Catering to the convenience of our customers, we offer in-studio or out-call sessions. Call now for more information or schedule online!



Therapeutic Yoga helps to achieve spinal alignment, recover from injuries, relieve chronic pain, reduce stress & fatigue, release emotional trauma and reprogram muscle memory. Each session is designed just for YOU!



In the ancient vedic scriptures, it is said that Kundalini Yoga is the fastest way to create transformation. Kundalini Yoga gives us the tools we need to better handle life's challenges and the power to change to our lives. The time is now!



Feeling out of balance? Always tired or fatigued? Stuck in a rut? Most likely, one or more of your chakras are imbalanced. Chakra Yoga utilizes specific yoga poses to bring your body, mind & soul back into balance.



Breathe & Flow. Book a private Vinyasa Yoga class designed just for YOU!