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YTT 200 ONLINE Yoga Teacher Training Certification Course Outline

During the YTT 200 Online Yoga Teacher Training Certification, a combination of virtual lessons, topics, quizzes, interactive video tutorials, audio and e-book reading assignments, essays and class sequencing projects will encompass the building blocks for the online portion of the Yoga Teacher Training Certification. In addition, you will be assigned an experienced E-RYT 500 Yoga Alliance mentor who will guide you through the Yoga Teacher Training Course, assisting you with yoga class sequencing, advanced cues, and assisting with questions you may have during your learning progress.

Become An Exceptional Yoga Teacher

Our YTT 200 Online Yoga Teacher Training Certification produces above average Yoga Teachers who revolutionize the ‘cookie-cutter’ way that most yoga classes are taught. Learn to teach and sequence yoga classes with wisdom, intuition and organic movements that bring your students into presence, healing and enlightenment. Compared to other YTT 200 training courses, our program graduates have a very strong grasp on the integrity and command required to teach an exceptional yoga class, even with little to no prior experience.

Become an expert in teaching the organic movements of a properly sequenced Vinyasa yoga class, where movement follows breath, verses breath following movement.

Yogini Guruvi

Founder @ Pachamama Yoga

Why Choose Us?

The YTT 200 Online Yoga Teacher Training Certification at Pachamama Yoga dives deep into what it means to become an exceptional yoga teacher. Our Yoga Teacher Training stands out from other YTT programs because we focus on how to effectively teach a yoga class. Learning the yoga poses, proper alignment and essential cues are emphasized as a cornerstone of the program, while our Yogini Guruvi digs much deeper into what it really means to teach and sequence an exceptional yoga class.

If you are reading these words, you have been drawn to our program for a reason. It’s time to start living your personal truth and begin the journey to launch your career as a yoga teacher.


The Yoga Alliance does require 120 hours of 'hands-on' learning (also known as classroom or 'contact' hours) to validate registration with their agency. If you are simply seeking a certification as a yoga instructor, but NOT interested in registering as a RYT (Registered Yoga Teacher) with the Yoga Alliance, then this is a perfect program for you! However, upon obtaining your certification as a yoga teacher, if you wish to register with the Yoga Alliance- we recommend instead to take our RYT 200 Yoga Teacher Training Intensive Program. This training is approved by the Yoga Alliance and all students who graduate from the RYT 200 Intensive Program will qualify for Yoga Alliance registration. The Yoga Alliance stands firm in their policy that they do not accept 200 hours of strictly online learning to qualify for registration as a RYT 200 yoga teacher through their registry. Here at Pachamama Yoga, we want to be completely transparent in regard to the policies of the Yoga Alliance and the technical requirements of the certifications they require for yoga teacher registration. The Yoga Alliance does not credential yoga teachers, they are simply a yoga teacher registry and Not-For-Profit organization that sets industry standards for yoga professionals. It is not a requirement to register with the Yoga Alliance after receiving your Yoga Teacher Certification.

Micah Lyn

Program Director

Questions About Yoga Alliance Registration Requirements?

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