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Online Restorative Yoga Teacher Certification

Yoga Alliance approved Continuing Education for RYT's


Online Restorative Yoga Teacher Training Certification

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Become a Certified Restorative Yoga Teacher!
  • Restorative Yoga Class Sequencing
  • Supine Restorative Yoga Poses
  • Prone Restorative Yoga Poses
  • Seated Restorative Yoga Poses
  • Supported Restorative Inversions
  • Standing Restorative Postures
  • Expert Alignment & Verbal Cueing
  • Rewiring the Nervous System
  • Correct Use of Yoga Props
  • 10 "Non-Contact" CEU Hours
  • Yoga Alliance Approved

Reprogram the Body

Restorative Yoga rewires our muscle memory by allowing us to work deep into the fascia where we store past trauma, negative emotions, and hold onto the past. Through the practice of restorative yoga poses, we are able to release blocked energy in the body that is creating discomfort and disease. Restorative Yoga helps us to break up and release these negative energy patterns so we can be pain free.

Emotional Release

Restorative Yoga Poses are held for 4 - 5 minutes, working deep into the muscle fascia where we harbor our energetic blockages. During a restorative yoga session, different negative emotions that have been buried in our connective tissue are finally able to come up to the surface. Fear comes up, anger, self-righteousness, frustration, anxiety and all the other negative emotions holding us back in life. From a place of peace, we are able to release these blockages.

Expert Alignment

You need to develop a trained eye that enables you to watch your students and see where they are misaligned. In the restorative yoga teacher training you will learn to give precise verbal cues so your students can also understand the fundamentals of proper alignment. It is imperative to teach the students through light touches and feedback how to adjust themselves. This is not only safer but also more helpful to them, because they learn the actions needed to get into alignment.

Props & Supported Poses

Props can serve several functions in a therapeutic context. In their supportive role, yoga props can support the entire body in a pose or support the various parts of the body that require rest. Often the poses that are considered to be most beneficial for a particular condition may not be attainable to the student due to physical restrictions or lack of flexibility. The props can render some of the most advanced poses accessible to beginning, injured or disabled practitioners.

Online Restorative Yoga Teacher Training Certification

The Online Restorative Yoga Teacher Training qualifies for 10 "NON-Contact Hours" approved by the Yoga Alliance for RYT continuing education CEU hours. Register today to qualify for our limited time offer!