Punishment, guilt and sin are devices of the Ego. Their main purpose is to block presence. Their ulterior motive is to take the past and make it so serious, there has to be serious consequences. Let’s examine the real reason you struggle to free yourself from guilt.

The Ego’s ‘consequences’ have to occur now or in the future. That is how the Ego extends it’s continuity over the present. The Ego paves over presence with guilt. Punishment must occur for your previous mistakes. That is how the Ego keeps you locked inside the prison of your mind.

Here’s the deal…

All healing occurs in the present. All healing is a release from the past. That simple concept is motivation enough, isn’t it? The present moment has no meaning to the Ego. The present merely reminds the Ego of past hurt and causes you to react to the present as if it were the past.

The Ego cannot tolerate release from the past. Although the past is over, the Ego tries to preserve it’s image by responding as if it were present. It dictates your reactions to those you meet in the present from a past reference point, obscuring their present reality.

The shadowy figures from the past are exactly what you must escape. They are not real and have no hold over you unless you choose bring them with you voluntarily. The past is a dangerous place, full of the peril of your mistakes and the outcomes of what might have been. Leave the past in the past. Why continue to carry it around with you?

The Ego would preserve your nightmares and prevent you from awakening. It regards the function of time as one of extending itself in place of eternity. The continuity of past and future are under its direction. It closes over the present so no gap in it’s own continuity can occur.

Free Yourself From Guilt For Good

Would you recognize a holy encounter if you were merely perceiving it as a meeting with your own past? Of course not. You would be meeting no one. Free yourself from guilt and punishment by choosing presence. It is the only thing that will lead you to peace.

So, to put it simply, the Ego blocks presence!

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