Horseshoe Lake was on the top of my SUP list, after a few recommendations from Mammoth locals. Vast pumice stone beaches, lots of parking and a nice loop trail around the lake- I can see why Horseshoe Lake is a favorite for everyone.

horseshoe lake, mammoth lakes, Ca


There is a plethora of beach area at Horseshoe Lake to launch your stand-up paddleboard. Cruise around the teal blue water, maneuver into the lakes many inlets. The lake is relatively small, so if you have a lot of energy, you can make a few laps around.

horseshoe lake, mammoth lakes, Ca

Horseback Riding

As the name of the lake suggests, the loop trail permits equestrian riding. Although in reality, the lake is a bit of a pseudo-horseshoe shape. On the day of my visit, a group of at least 15 horseback riders went by on the trail. There is gravel area off to the right of the parking lot, which permits horse trailer parking.

horseshoe lake, mammoth lakes, Ca


The Horseshoe Lake Loop Trail is moderate, mostly flat and perfect for all ages. The trail meanders through the forest, dipping in and away from the inlets of the lake. On the far side of the trail, there are a few rock wall cliffs which would be ideal for any climbing enthusiast.

horseshoe lake, mammoth lakes, Ca

Pass over the wooden bridge, wander along the trail through the pine wood forest and forget about your cares for the day. Near the far end of the lake, you will unexpectedly arrive at an abandoned chimney and a few crumbled foundation walls.

horseshoe lake, mammoth lakes, Ca

At one time, perhaps it was an outpost or the primitive home of a pioneer. All that remains is the brick work of a meager chimney standing oddly off the trail.

horseshoe lake, mammoth lakes, Ca

In addition, the parking lot also serves as the TH Trailhead for Mammoth Pass Trail, Lake McLeod and Crater Meadows Trail.

horseshoe lake, mammoth lakes, Ca

All overnight trekking from this trailhead does require a permit. Inquire at the local Ranger Station/ Visitor Center for details and regulations. See here for more info.

horseshoe lake, mammoth lakes, Ca


Whether you love to road bike or ride fat tire, the trailhead at Horseshoe Lake offers connections to the main loop trail, Mary Lake, George Lake, Twin Lakes, which all connect back to Mammoth Lakes Village. In this area, most of the main trails are asphalt, with a few connection dirt trails for mountain bikes.

horseshoe lake, mammoth lakes, Ca


Catch and release trout fishing seems to be a popular past-time here at Mammoth Lakes. Be sure to have your fishing license with you at all times. I have witnessed many government authorities patrolling the lake area and keep strict watch over the fishing regulations. Certain lakes are entirely catch and release only. The DNR or local Ranger Office has official regulations, please inquire for details. CA Fishing License Online Sales

horseshoe lake, mammoth lakes, Ca


Horseshoe Lake does offer an enormous beach area (compared to most other local lakes). It’s a perfect place to take a cold dip on a hot day. Picnic for the day with family or friends, and take full advantage of the paradise of Mammoth Lakes National Forest & Recreation Area.

Enjoy our media gallery of additional Horseshoe Lake photography. Be sure to check out our other Mammoth Lake “must-see” attractions!

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