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    The Chakra Yoga Teacher Training focuses on how the major energetic centers of the human body “The Seven Chakras” relate to our yoga practice. During this compact intensive teacher training, you will gain a new understanding of how we manifest disease as a result of energy blockages and imbalances in our chakras. The training reveals the deep seeded issues that can be stored in each chakra as a result of past trauma or negative experiences. We also bring to light how current negative thoughts or feelings are creating disharmony in the chakras, which will eventually manifest as physical illness. In addition, you will learn both the negative and positive emotional thought patterns associated with each unique chakra. We will explain the physiological correlation between individual chakras and how imbalances in our energy centers affect our entire wellbeing. Furthermore, a detailed analysis of how specific yoga asanas can best help to release blocked energy and restore harmony to the Seven Chakras are presented in this amazing yoga teacher training! Take your practice to a whole new level of transformation. Facilitate your students to a whole new experience of yoga, healing and bliss.

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    When we practice yoga, we start to pull out all those negative spaces that we hold onto in our body. If we push ourselves out of our comfort zone- fear comes up, doubt surfaces, anger rises, frustration emerges and righteousness takes over. By practicing yoga and pushing ourselves beyond our edge, we can start to get into these "stuck" places in our bodies. Through the kriyas (asanas) and pranayama (breath) are we able to surrender and let these negative emotions go.