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Online Chakra Yoga Teacher Training Certification

Become a Certified Chakra Yoga Teacher! Qualifies for Yoga Alliance YACEP Continuing Education CEU


Chakra Yoga Teacher Training Certification

$ 249$ 499 *limited offer
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  • 100% Online Course
  • Chakra Yoga Class Sequencing
  • Restorative Chakra Yoga Poses
  • Vinyasa Yoga Chakra Sequencing
  • 7 Chakras System Overview
  • Chakra Balancing Pranayama
  • Kriyas for Chakra Alignment
  • Chakra Philosophy
  • Chakra Meditations
  • Essential Oils for Chakra Healing
  • Aura Cleansing with Crystals
  • 20 Non-Contact CEU's
  • Yoga Alliance YACEP provider

Yoga Alliance YACEP

The Online Chakra Yoga Teacher Training Certification qualifies for 20 "NON-Contact Hours" approved by the Yoga Alliance for Continuing Education CEU's.

Limited Time Offer!

The Chakra Yoga Teacher Training Certification is featured on sale for $249. Space is limited! Our RYT 500 Virtual Mentors can only accommodate the first 25 students who register. Sign up today!

Chakra Yoga Teacher Training: Explained

The Online Chakra Yoga Teacher Training Certification focuses on how the major energetic centers of the human body "The 7 Chakras" relate to our yoga practice. During this training you will gain a new understanding of how we manifest disease as a result of energy blockages and imbalances in our chakras. This insight reveals the deep seeded issues that can be stored in each chakra as a result of past trauma or negative experiences. We also bring to light how current negative thoughts or feelings are creating disharmony in the chakras, which will eventually manifest as physical illness. In addition, you will learn both the negative and positive emotional thought patterns associated with each unique chakra. We will explain the anatomy & physiology correlation between individual chakras and how imbalances in our energy centers affect our entire wellbeing. This training provides a detailed analysis of how specific yoga asanas can best help to release blocked energy and restore harmony to the Seven Chakras.

What is Chakra Yoga?

Chakra Yoga is considered a type of Kundalini yoga because it activates the lower chakras and opens the upper chakras. Thus, it awakens kundalini and allows it to move freely through the energetic body. Chakra Yoga is ancient, yet a revolutionary breakthrough for those who need to heal both the body and soul. All pain and discomfort starts on an energetic level. By the time it manifests into the physical plane or body level, it has already created some form of disease. All pain, whether it is mental, emotional or physical is an indication that one or many chakras are out of balance. With the simple execution of specific yoga poses that create balance in the energy centers of the chakras, we are able to access the root cause of the pain and start to heal from within.

The chakras are believed to be the centers of life force energy (prana) in the body. The body contains seven major chakras from the base of the spine to the top of the head. Each of these chakras contains a different energy. For example, the root chakra is grounding and governs emotional balance, while the heart chakra is the center of compassion and unconditional love. Specific yoga asanas can target blockages or energetic imbalance in the following chakras:

  • Root Chakra (Muladhara)
  • Sacral Chakra (Svadisthana)
  • Solar Plexus Chakra (Manipura)
  • Heart Chakra (Anahata)
  • Throat Chakra (Visuddha)
  • Third Eye Chakra (Ajna)
  • Crown Chakra (Sahasrara)

How can you tell what chakras are out of alignment in yourself or someone else?

That's precisely what the Chakra Yoga Teacher Training will reveal. You will learn how to identify misalignment & create balance in the chakras using specific yoga poses, asana sequences, pranayama and kriyas. Many techniques to encourage total chakra alignment and balance will be explained in-depth. Every single yoga pose has the ability to open, create balance or heal a specific chakra. In the Online Chakra Yoga Teacher Training, you will learn the entire "Seven Chakra System Overview" and how to balance the chakras with the employment of Chakra Yoga. In addition, you will learn how to properly sequence a Chakra Yoga Class to work on a specific chakra or create an entire class sequence that involves incorporating a variety of yoga poses that bring total balance of the seven chakras.

Are you ready to take your career as a Yoga Teacher to the next level?

The Chakra Yoga Teacher Training will take your teaching skills to a whole new dimension! Most vinyasa yoga classes are sequenced based off a generic set of poses that are popular in 'westernized' yoga teaching traditions. Most yoga teacher training programs do not explain which poses heal specific chakra imbalances that are causing physical pain & emotional disharmony. What if you could deliver to your students the profound healing of chakra yoga? This course allows you to infuse vinyasa flow and restorative yoga poses directly into your current teaching style.